Our philanthropic contributions

At Maryland, we believe in giving back to society through any way possible within our means. From providing employment opportunities to contributing our plants to our local communities, we strive to continue our “learn to serve and serve to learn” philosophy in our business.

We have been featured in a few articles in recent years and below is a compilation of our humble contributions.

  1. Donation of over 200 plants and trees to Hwa Chong Institution and Nanyang Girls.


Our Founder – Mak

As the pioneer generation farmers in Singapore, Mak first embarked on the orchids export business. Through decades of hardwork and dedication, Mak became a prominent orchid specialist. There are numerous references on his contributions to the orchid industry. Most of which are available online with some prized work mentioned below.

  1. The namesake Mokara Red Mak Chin On
  2. Orchid biology: Reviews and Perspectives, VII publication

After the gradual decline in the orchid export industry, as seasoned entrepreneurs and plant enthusiasts, Mak stayed resilient and with grit and skills, he ventured into landscaping and Maryland Nursery today is not only recognised for its long history but also the quality services and unique plants such as the yellow rain trees that are virtually second to none.